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Category: Performer & Play Writer
Location: London
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Charlotte is primarily a playwright. Her  first play The Death of Norman Tortilla was recently produced at by Sheer Drop at the Tristan Bates Theatre in gaining 4 and 5 star reviews. Other writing credits include God in the machine  for the (Play in a day at Counterculture) and Cold Calling (Jermyn Street Theatre)

Charlotte originally trained to be an actor and previously worked as a stand up comedian, notching up around 100 gigs at venues such as the Assembly Rooms and the Underbelly at the Edinburgh Festival and also ran her own comedy club for two years. As a performer she appeared in and wrote sketches for Newsrevue at the Canal Cafe Theatre and Queen Margaret in Richard III at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham. She was a finalist in the BBC Talent sit-com writing competition.  Charlotte is delighted to be returning to her performing roots with Illumini and hopes to terrify all comers with her Victorian Ghost story. 


Most recent Play

The Death of Norman Tortilla

gold stargold stargold stargold starAn intense, explosive few hours in which merry hell breaks loose... Finely cracted... This new playwright is one you'd be advised to keep an eye on' Spoonfed

gold stargold stargold stargold stargold star"The Death of Norman Tortilla is a very good play yet it is elevated by the exceptional anti-hero at its centre. Robert Gill's as Norman is simultaneously stunning and delightful - as great as Mark Rylance in Jerusalem. His timing, diction and physical performance are each time judged to perfection. Coates' first play is a very worthy the watch and she is bound to write more expansive work in the future. But it is Gill's performance that is not to be missed and I will be returning to watch it again before the play closes in the next two weeks." Remote Goat

Sheer Drop bring two new plays by young, exciting writers to the Tristan Bates Theatre, and they are both hugely impressive: The Death of Norman Tortilla , by Charlotte Coates, is a searing inditement of our celebrity-obsessed culture and a frightening insight into ageing - clever and powerful. At the Tristan Bates Theatre. One Stop Arts