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Illumini is planning more events, and is looking for artist's, from all genres, including performance, that use light in their work.

We also offers work placement opportunities for artists.

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Category: Visual Artists
Location: Sussex
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I built the first Daedalum Mirror 14 months ago and have shown 3 versions in that time… The first was a large version installed behind a cracked metal window in a Victorian cellar beneath The Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch and that went under the name of LONDON AFTER THE RAIN – A post apocalyptic vision accompanied by a 14 feet canvas that was in homage to my favourite painting “Europe After the Rain” by Max Ernst… I swapped the ruins of Europe for London and in place of the Eagle headed Man Loplop who surveys the scene there stood a beautiful Eagle headed Woman…

The next version was installed within a shed on a roof garden, again, in Shoreditch at THE SHED AND A HALF GALLERY. This one was titled THE END OF SHOREDITCH IS NIGH based on the dark side of Shakespeare and his Shoreditch connection… It was also a fitting goodbye to an area I'd lived in for 14 years and watching it change along with my own metamorphosis… I moved to the South Coast… But not before taking part in the AFFLUENZA exhibition in Clerkenwell..


These Daedalum Mirrors are built in such a way that a most amazing tardis effect is created so the lighted and moving image ball in the middle of this created effect is quite visually too big for the space it is within.

My Daedalum Mirrors go a little deeper than the narcissistic pool of a mere reflection and it's contents. The opportunity to take the reflection another step with added manipulation of kaleidoscopic moving imagery bedded with any soundtrack I care to choose for whatever theme I am sleeping with. Time exposed stepping stones on which I can bounce across to any place in the universe my mind chooses to go.

As my thoughts have grown richer, my imagination more fertile, the progression from old school painting to embracing the new technology of our time seems only natural.


Above images copyright of Craig Cooper 2010