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Category: Performance/ visual Artist
Location: London
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Cilla Conway is a writer, artist and tarot consultant living in London. She has been reading the tarot since 1981 when she completed The Intuitive Tarot ' (published in 2004). With a Masters in Psychotherapy and Healing and a BA in Fine Art, her knowledge and passion for the tarot communicates to clients and students alike, and her creative, enthusiastic personality is backed up by excellent communication skills and extensive business experience. She is an ACE member of Tarot Professionals and TABI organizations, has been on BBC TV as a tarot expert, and is currently preparing another deck for publication, The Devas of Creation' .


Born in Holland, brought up in Zimbabwe, I came to London in 1971 and found my life's work as an artist when I began painting a tarot deck a year later. Doodling idly one night I looked down to find I had drawn the tarot Fool but a very different Fool to those I'd seen before. His eyes, compelling and a little crazy, drew me into his world. Following him, I completed the deck and found reading with it was a joy.

A few years on, I began painting very large oils, full of other-worldly beings I called eldils (from C.S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet ); those led to my acceptance on a part-time fine art degree. Completing the degree in 2001, I left the world of 9-5 office work with a huge sigh of relief, and almost immediately began painting another set of images of beings rather like the eldils the Devas of Creation . At the same time the tarot was accepted for publication.

Ever since then I have been reading the tarot and the deva cards, teaching art, and producing various books (my latest project is a series of illuminated manuscripts of the astrological signs and planetary influences).



Cilla is available for corporate events, parties, and one-to-one consultations.For further details, please contact the artist direct at the email on top of the page, or through their website



Talk& Tarot reading by Cilla Conway at Illumini

The Occult World of Subterranean London

Creator of The Intuitive Tarot, Cilla Conway, will be reading tarot as part of the opening night of the new Illumini exhibition Subterranean London exhibition, and giving a talk on Occult London during the show.

Tarot has a long and interesting past in subterranean London literally, as well as in the wider sense of the word. In the early 1900s, Arthur Waite, arch-magician Aleister Crowley, and other members of The Golden Dawn met regularly in the basement of Atlantis Bookshop in Holborn. Later on, in the 1950s, it was the turn of Gerald Gardner, Madeleine Montalban and other luminaries. Watkins Bookshop in Leicester Square also has a basement which, legend tells, was also frequented by Crowley.

Both Waite and Crowley created their own tarot decks, so Cilla is part of an august company. Painting the cards in her spare time between 1973-1981, she found reading with them so accurate she has been using them ever since. The deck was published in 2004.

The talk will cover the wider aspects of subterranean London the places to meet druids, witches and wizards, to find good tarot readers, to buy books on spells and esoteric knowledge, and generally to experience the other, hidden London.



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