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Category: Ghost investigator
Location: London
Contact: Email
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Rosie's interest in ghosts stems from a childhood visit to Borley, site of the most haunted house in England - Borley Rectory. After moving to London, she joined The Ghost Club the oldest ghost hunting organisation in Great Britain where she acted as Press Officer and led investigations into haunted properties such as Ham House in Richmond and the Red Lion Pub in Aylesbury. Rosie has given many talks and tours on the subject of ghosts. She has also recorded programmes for Radio 4 and Radio London and has appeared on the History Channel and London Tonight. She is currently writing her first book on Ghosts and the Media

Rosie will be joined by fellow investigator John Fraser, author of the book ‘Ghost Hunting – A Survivor's Guide.'

You can follow Rosie on Twitter at


"What lurks beneath - spirits and spectres of subterranean London" on sat 11th Sept 4.30pm Free

Are spirits still imprisoned in the underground cells of the House of Detention? Who is the actor that haunts the tunnels of Covent Garden station and do ghosts still roam the secret labyrinths beneath the streets of London? In this talk, Rosie Murdie, ghost investigator and member of The Ghost Club will tell some of the ghostly tales associated with subterranean City of London.

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